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Care-Centric Digital Platform
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Rapid advancement of new-age Technologies are creating opportunities for newer and better business solutions.

We use new-age technology to enable Healthcare organizations to provide patient convenience at the doorsteps of the people.

Why should You choose
SpotCare™ Remote Doctor's Clinic?

Virtual Kliniks for Convenience
Provides just-in-time consultation
Experience similar to a face-to-face health consultation
Provide end-to-end health services

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Hi! here are the key Features of our product

What Spot Care™
Can Do For You.

With full-fledged virtual outpatient Clinic and a direct line of the communication with doctors at your fingertips, this is just the beginning.
HD Quality Video Consultation with
One-touch connect
FailSafe Connectivity - GSM-4G /
GSM 5G / WiFi
Integrated Vitals Measurement
Multi-lingual with Major Indian
Language Set-up
In-Network and Out-of Network
Provider Setup
Integrated End to End POS -
Registration through payment gateway
Built-In Patient Record security
and confidentiality
Modular and Customisable
license Set-up
OTA upgrade of Spotcare versions

SpotCare™ Doctor-at-Home

Most suitable for Home HealthCare Providers, Urban and Metro Locations, Hospitals, Diagnostic Labs, Insurance Companies, Online Pharmacies
  • Provide Integrated end-to-end Health Services at the Patient's doorstep
  • Right from Health Consultation by a Remote Doctor, to Medicines Delivery, to Diagnostics test and to remote doctor's review are all delivered seamlessly at Patient's home
  • Trained Staff can carry our light-weight Technology enabled, Portable Doctor-at-Home Devices to the Patient’s home, on-call
  • 5G enabled Technology
  • Works in both WiFi and Mobile Networks

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SpotCare™ Remote Doctor’s Clinic

Most suitable for Remote, Rural Areas, Apartment Complex, Townships, Senior Citizen Homes, Educational Institutes, Hotels, Airports, Public Places, IT Parks, Corporate Offices, PHC’s, Sub-centers
  • Provide anytime, anywhere Integrated Health Services
  • Right from Health Consultation by a Remote Doctor, to Medicines Delivery, to Diagnostics tests are all delivered seamlessly in the neighborhood
  • Mobile Kiosk unit that can be easily wheeled Inside the Campus / Center
  • 5G enabled Technology
  • Works in both WiFi and Mobile Networks

About Us

The company is founded and run by seasoned leaders with high pedigree in the field of HealthCare Technology. This leadership team has envisioned to use advanced technology to provide care-centric solutions and bring in access to quality care across the length and breadth of the country. The company offers its product on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and helps with hyper-localization of existing health networks. Our Virtual Klinik and Klinik-in-a-Kiosk solution, are pathbreaking game changers that provide anytime, anywhere convenience to the neighborhood and rural communities.

Leadership Team

Balasubramanian Sundararaman
Founder and Chief Executive

Dr. Karthick Sridhar
Co-Founder, Marketing

Dr. Nithya R
Director, Telemedicine

Dr. U S Srinivasan
Medical Advisor

Business Development

Madhubala Rajagopal

Balu TV
Enterprise Operations

Sridhar Subramanyam
Direct Sales

Pankaj Lohia
Tech Development

Sreevani Appajodu
Client Activation

Shruthi Gururaj
Client Partner